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offers Services & Products by which you and the people in your organization are enabled to work with the Life forces and the soul of the Earth and of those within your organization out of a more conscious and optimized application of the forces of the heart.

Our Services
consist of various options for the Maintenance and Healing of Life Forces for Individuals and Organizations.

They contain the mapping of those Life-forces in your home & garden or in your organization, premises & building, a diagnosis of issues and possible disharmony, as well as the consulting for solutions or healing-options, and the execution thereof.

Our services can lead to an enriching source of inspiration and healing forces for your self, your organization, your surroundings, and support you in your life, mission and growth.

Our Products are developed to support you and your organization in achieving more optimized activation of the forces of the heart.

The insights and working methods of Gaiaheartworkz are exceptional, most contemporary and 'hands-on'.

We are very glad to present them to you.